Donderdag, 06 Augustus 2020


Koskas - 6 Augustus 2020

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  • Geskryf deur Hannes Smal

KOSKAS - Soos uuitgesaai op Caledonfm op 6 Augustus 2020. Aangebied deur Jan Greyling.

Koskas - Interview with Francois Beard

  • Gepubliseer op Vrydag, 31 Julie 2020 11:13
  • Geskryf deur Hannes Smal

In Koskas of 16 July 2020 Jan Greyling talks to Francois Beard, founder member of Fairplay on Masterplan for Poultry and illegal dumping


Minister Tertius Simmers regarding Housing

  • Gepubliseer op Vrydag, 31 Julie 2020 10:14
  • Geskryf deur Hannes Smal

Minister Tertius Simmers, the provincial minister of human settlements is in the Caledon Fm Studio. He chats to Debbie regarding the Overberg Area and the different housing projects they are busy with and also in the pipeline. They are discussing to create more housing opportunities and also identifying major housing projects that caters for different levels of the market to be financed.


Koskas - 30 Julie 2020

  • Gepubliseer op Donderdag, 30 Julie 2020 13:22
  • Geskryf deur Hannes Smal

Koskas word elke Donderdag aangebied deur Jan Greyling. Hierdie is die program van 30 Julie 2020.


Future Perfect invites Dr Pieter Groenewald; leader of VF-plus, onto the fast train to the future.

  • Gepubliseer op Dinsdag, 28 Julie 2020 14:07
  • Geskryf deur Pieter van Aswegen

Annette Jahnel  in conversation with the leader of the Freedom Front plus. The conversation ranges from Dr Pieter Groenewalds' assessment of where the rot in South Africa started, to defining practical steps that we each can take to help cut out the rot and put South Africa back on a sustainable track to a harmonious future.

Klassieke Keur 26 Julie 2020

  • Gepubliseer op Sondag, 26 Julie 2020 16:10
  • Geskryf deur Pieter van Aswegen

Klassieke Keur Classical Choice 26 July met Rene Naude van OAK

Klassieke Keur 19 Julie 2020

  • Gepubliseer op Sondag, 19 Julie 2020 16:11
  • Geskryf deur Pieter van Aswegen

Klassieke Keur van virtuele opvoerings wereldwyd gedurende inperking.


Future Perfect invites virtual guests that have given Mandela Day Lectures onto the fast train to the future

  • Gepubliseer op Donderdag, 23 Julie 2020 14:18
  • Geskryf deur Pieter van Aswegen

Sometimes building the future requires a look back at the past.

Annette Jahnel of the Essential Knowledge co, invites  virtual guests that have given Mandela Day Lectures, from the very first lecture in 2003, by ex US president Bill Clinton, to the 2020 lecture by the António Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations, onto Future Perfect.

Neuroscience 101 , why being grateful helps you fight any decease (min 1 to 9:00)

Bill Clinton 2003 Mandela Day lecture (min 10:30)

The problems that existed then continue to exist now (min 14:30)

The inequality that Clinton spoke of was founded in a completely different world, today inequality has a completely different driver.(min 17:30)

Amazon and E-Bay were launched in 1995 one year after we became the 'rainbow nation' they have become global powers ... (min 21)

Extract from Barack Obama 's 2018 Mandela Day speech.(min 23)

Comparison between the concept of inequality in 2003 ans 2018 (min 32)

Discussion of Antonio Guterres 's 2020 Mandela Day speech (min 34)

"While we are all floating on the same sea, it is clear that some of us are on super yachts while others are clinging to floating debris." (min 36)

26 people have more wealth than half the worlds population. (min 38) The main of this is slowly being felt by everybody.

António Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations sound clip(min 40)

The powerful believe that they can come up with solutions. They cannot, simply because of how the human brain function. (min 43)

The questions is this: if you are successful in an unjust unsustainable system, what are you? (min 45)

17 goals for the new social contract (min 49)

Searching for Galileo , Time bandits , it is time that sets us apart.(min 51)

Future Perfect invites Dr Azar Jammine onto the fast train to the future.

  • Gepubliseer op Donderdag, 16 Julie 2020 13:50
  • Geskryf deur Pieter van Aswegen

Annette Jahnel invites Dr Azar Jammine; CEO of Econometrix onto the fast train to the future to to try to discover how to stop the economic race to the bottom. Dr Jammine gives us a quick background (min 0:00 -3:13)

Is corruption not perhaps built into our current global economic system?(min 3:30) Over the past 25 years the global central banks have been pumping trillions of dollars into the systems that is splashed about the financial system.

What is the difference between quantitative easing and just printing money (min 5) the money is caught up in the financial markets and not going to those in financial dire straits.

There is inflation just not where we would expect it. Hyper inflation is in shares and assets and ultimately in rental and property markets. ( min 7) pushing inequality.

What would you do in a perfect world to change this? (min 10)

Is our government doing something right? (min 13)

East or West economic policy , from whom should be taking our cue? (min 15)

How do we get out of this economic hole? (min 17)

Are we not educating people in the wrong direction? (min 20)

Investments are not creating jobs (min 23) how do big investment banks change the landscape?

Do you think South Africa have an economic plan? (min 25)

We need a social pact between different leaderships, our leadership is decisive (min 26)

What can we do to help ourselves? (min 27)












Koskas - 23 Julie 2020

  • Gepubliseer op Donderdag, 23 Julie 2020 13:35
  • Geskryf deur Hannes Smal

Die program Koskas word uitgesaai op Caledon Fm, aangebied deur Jan Greyling.

Hierdie is die program soos uitgesaai op 23 Julie 2020


Klassieke Keur 12 Julie

  • Gepubliseer op Sondag, 12 Julie 2020 16:06
  • Geskryf deur Pieter van Aswegen

Saskia Kempff Ballet Musiek

Wayne Duvenage CEO of OUTA is this weeks guest on Future Perfect

  • Gepubliseer op Dinsdag, 07 Julie 2020 15:29
  • Geskryf deur Pieter van Aswegen

OUTA started with investigating the corruption involved in the building of the Gauteng inner city toll gantries (min.6) Tackling SANRAL head-on they brought the scheme to its knees.(min.8)

Democracy requires participation can OUTA give any tips on what we do to stop corruption? (min.10) How does the ruling allowing independents to run for office change the dynamic concerning corruption? (min. 14)

How does one take the government to court if the government is taking your tax money to pay lawyers to fight your claim of tax abuse?(min.16.30) Citizens must act(min.19) and maintain a long view (min.20.30)

Can a counselors get fired?(min.22) Use social media as a social tool(min.23) Remind the government that the problems that we are facing existed before the pandemic, this is not a scapegoat we will let you use.(min.27) OUTA is positioning themselves as an anti-corruption platform where best practices and the experiences of other municipalities to empower everyone. (min.29)


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